Let us spoil you for one exciting day.

Whether you’re making a one day stop on a Cruise ship or you’re staying at a hotel somewhere in our beautiful region, come along with us on a one day cycling adventure. We’ll show you the best roads, stunning views, lovely places, renown wineries and famous restaurants and taverns with splendid gastronomy based on fresh and healthy seasonal food. If you need a relaxing bike ride or you wish to seriously burn calories, the Beyond team will support you and be at your disposal. Our friendly and experienced guides will be your true ‘domestique’ and will take care of every little detail so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience – the Beyond experience.

Your journey starts with our first contact, and we’ll do our best from day one to make your one day experience biking vacation a world class level experience.

We are Beyond, and we are dedicated to going beyond any existing standards.

Four easy steps to book a one day tour

Pick a destination you would like to visit.
Make it your own.
Any enhancements to add?
Call us or send us an email or schedule a call to book.
Tell your group the exciting news and celebrate, or keep it as a surprise :) until you arrive.


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