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Istrian gastronomy has been praised by many significant authorities, like Anthony Bourdain, Fodor's Travel, CNN, USA Today and many more. Delicious food and exquisite wines are amongst the top reasons why so many travellers return to Croatia, over and over again. The Istrian gastronomy faithfully reflects all of the historical, geographical and climatic characteristics of this mediterranean area. There were many different influences throughout the past (French, German, Roman, Slavic and Venetian) that formed this formidable cuisine, as well as great characteristics of the soil that allows for the growth of various rare self-propagating plants, aromatic condiments, seasonal vegetables, vine and olive trees. Not to mention extraordinary fish, shrimps and other sea food.

But just like with everything else in life, you need to know the right people to take you to the very best places. Luckily for you, you have us, your dedicated Beyond team that has personally experienced every restaurant, tavern and wine cellar so we can provide you with the absolutely best possible experience - the Beyond experience. Some of Croatia’s most illustrious chefs reside in this region and we’ll make sure that we cross paths with them during your biking adventure vacation. Since in Beyond we consider food to be much more than just fuel for your dynamic bike rides, we intend to spoil your palates every single day during your exciting cycling tour.

There are some delicacies in this region that are real icons for foodies and we are confident that you will find them irresistible and delicious as well:

Olive oil Buža

Olive oil Buža is an authentic old Istrian sort, the most valued in this region, Europe and worldwide. It’s light green to golden yellow in color, with a strong fruity flavour and pleasant aroma of olives, aromatic herbs, artichoke and apple.

The taste is sweet but well-balanced with the refreshing bitterness that comes to surface a bit later.

Istrian pršut

Istrian pršut is a unique dry-cured ham delicacy. With a protected geographical status, it can be made only in continental Istria, in ideal climatic conditions, following the strict traditional method dating back centuries ago. Its most important characteristic is that it is not smoked, only dry-cured and treated with sea salt and seasoned with some additional natural spices such as pepper, bay leaves, rosemary and garlic.

One of crucial elements in the production od Istrian pršut is the famous bura – cold and dry northern wind. It is dried for about 5 months and then left to age for another 12 months. It contains no nitrites or nitrates, thus being one of the healthiest cured meat products.

Istrian white truffle

The Istrian white truffle is one of the most highly prized truffles in the world. These rare and expensive tubers that grow in the fertile Istrian soil are the ultimate gastronomic delight. The most fertile area for truffles is the grey soil of the damp Motovun-Montona Forest, constantly moistened by the Mirna River flowing through its woods.

This mysterious and unique tuber grows completely concealed underground so it’s impossible to spot it. That’s why specially trained dogs are used to trace them by scent. And although their position at the table hasn’t been defined yet: whether they’re food or just seasoning, truffles remain a true gastronomic delicacy.

Wine - Malvasia&Teran

Wine is a must in Istria today. It is quite rare for any wine-growing region in Europe to achieve top results in the production of both white and red wine sorts, but without doubt, Istria is one of them. With many awards at the biggest international fairs, Istria has many superior quality wines to offer. Malvasia and Teran are important sorts, indigenous to Istria.

Istrian Malvasia is the most significant typical sort of this region, almost the synonim for the Istrian white wine. This is mostly a dry wine, free of unboiled sugar residues, that achieves its best quality inside the first year after the vintage. Straw yellow in color, with a moderate structure and density. It is usually classed among semi-flavored sorts, embodying a hardly noticeable almond bitterness, fresh fruit and flower bouquet, most often of locust blossom.

Teran is a red sort characteristic for Istria. Wine from this sort is highly unusual, with ruby red color and purple reflections, and a strong, unrestrained flavor, mostly of wild fruit, with distinctive traits and sour substance and a lesser density in regard to the established norms for red wine sorts. Its distinct quality and apparent lack of harmony leaves no one indifferent.


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